2015-16 Pittsburgh Chess League, Round 7

NM blitzcopter
Feb 28, 2016, 3:51 PM |

Yes, Round 7, not Round 6. US Amateur Team East timing and scheduling conflicts of today's opponents switched some matches around and pushed this one back two weeks. We won 3-1 against another team in the lower half.

My game started out weirdly because I was kind of clueless about the opening. Some little tactical stuff eventually gave me a good position and eventually my opponent jettisoned a pawn under pressure. Notably, at the end, I played the fastest mate for the first time ever?? (see PCL5 and Round 3 in my last post).

Unfortunately, this is going to be rated with the other Round 7 matches, so what I thought was my new highest rating (2060) isn't going to be there for at least a month.