2015 Abel Bomberault Memorial

NM blitzcopter
Dec 12, 2015, 7:44 PM |

I wanted to finish the year strong in my last tournament (in particular, get back to 2050 USCF) and tl;dr it didn't happen. I didn't feel that I played well, I was tired from the middle of the first round (actually, just like in the same tournament last year), the tournament atmosphere was kind of dead, and yes, G/60 is still way too fast for me. But I got to try some Nimzo-ish defenses as Black and got pretty decent positions despite my limited knowledge. And I have gained more than 200 points since the beginning of 2015, so it's been an excellent year, and I have at least a month of break. Sometimes I feel like I played better when I was stuck at 1950 though.

I focused more on time management in the first round and it worked. The game was probably even throughout, but I had the better practical chances in a knight vs. bishop ending and my opponent flagged.

[Edit: I accidentally deleted this game while editing the post... I'll see if I can find it.]

In the second round, I played the same expert from my Tuesday game. In another very bad practical decision, I chose to repeat the first 18 moves of our second meeting, even though I figured he had an improvement.

In the next round, I played the Nimzo-Indian rather than my usual transposition into QGD. I was actually up two pawns, but time trouble got to me and I couldn't finish properly.

Fourth round wasn't fun. I think both my opponent and I were tired, and instead of his usual b3 he played the Catalan, which is also not fun for Black. The queenside was a mess, but I had no time to make sense of it all.