2015 Allegheny Chess Congress

NM blitzcopter
Jul 25, 2015, 7:42 PM |

Three-round Swiss is really weird... the most common score after the second round was 1.5/2, and one of the three co-champions didn't play any of the top 3 seeds (although I was more concerned with trying to break 2000, which didn't happen). Good thing there were only 9 (off by <= 1) people. Attached are today's games; most of the commentary for the latter two stolen from post-game discussion ^_^ All were played at G/90 d5 at the Pittsburgh Chess Club.

I stole the first game with the Black pieces, from NM Tom Magar after he messed up in time trouble (we were actually even on time until 20 minutes each, at which point I usually decide to speed up so I don't die). Nevertheless I really need to figure out how to play against d4 at some point...

After an unusual Queen's Gambit, I got a great game when Zack accidentally accepted isolated e-pawns. I won a pawn but missed some opportunities and couldn't hold it. Because of the opposite coloured bishops this went to a draw fairly quickly.

I was lucky to get White again for the last round, and a draw would push me over 2000. Unfortunately, I played into what my opponent informed me is one of the most theoretical lines in chess (some Semi-Slav with dxc4) which was disastrous. My position was not actually that bad, but my inability to regain the pawn with no immediate compensation (regain the pawn or more in materialistic terms) led me to panic. :P