2015 Robert P. Smith Memorial, Round 2

NM blitzcopter
Nov 10, 2015, 11:55 PM |

And now the game gets tougher. I had a 3-0 record against today's opponent but he's quite solid and as Black I anticipated a tough fight.

In today's game, I took a bishop pair in exchange for a isolated pawn, couldn't use the bishops to their potential, and lost the pawn. After staying alive for another 90 minutes, I passed up a ridiculously easy win (details on that later), instead opting to offer a draw. It was really incredible that neither of us realized it in our few minutes of discussion after, but I guess at 11 pm after 4 hours of play we were kind of tired (presumably he was disappointed at not converting, and I was just glad to have survived the losing endgame).