2015 Robert P. Smith Memorial, Round 6

NM blitzcopter
Dec 9, 2015, 8:00 PM |

After last week's loss, I was tied for third at 3.5/5, but a win would guarantee me a tie for second, while a draw would give me decent chances at a smaller split.

Having played White in Rounds 4&5, I had Black against an expert who I'd beaten in two close games in early 2015. However, I wanted to avoid White's c5/Bb5 setup in the Panov and chose 6...dxc4!?, leading unsurprisingly to a sharp game that is not really to my taste.

My opponent traded off both bishops in exchange for development, but I felt that he held back somewhat, keeping him from fully exploiting his later kingside attack. Some minor tactical inaccuracies from both of us led to a drawn endgame, allowing me to tie for second place with 5 (!) other people, behind my 5th round opponent, who won by 1.5 and broke master for the first time.

Disclaimer: very computer-heavy for obvious reasons