2016 CMU Tournament

NM blitzcopter
Apr 23, 2016, 4:46 PM |

This weekend CMU held a small G/75 tournament, but with only two main organizers (neither of whom were me) and no exposure to the rest of Pittsburgh. With more planning and promotion, we are hoping to have one or two great events next year.

The CMU players had many interesting games. Today, following the first round last night, I got to play both of our strong masters, scoring against the first in my highest-rated win to date. I started with an uncomfortable position in a Caro-Kann Short sideline, but slowly improved throughout to an endgame. It got messy towards the end but I eventually won in my closest time scramble ever.

Unfortunately I didn't play as well in my last game. I faced an unfamiliar King's Indian setup and eventually got too passive. My opponent surprised me with an Exchange sac when I thought I was getting untangled, and then I straight-up hung a rook.