My 3rd Luckiest Game Ever

NM blitzcopter
Jun 1, 2016, 10:11 PM |

Wow, this is a rough week. Last week, I narrowly drew a 1686 who stalemated me in time trouble and the next weekend I followed up with my worst tournament* since 2008. The day after that, I won my weekly Tuesday game at the Pittsburgh club, but not before nearly getting completely wrecked in the opening by an even lower-rated opponent.

* again, relative to rating at time, making this a reasonable measure of performance relative to skill

In fact, the opening in question was the 6. Be3 Short of the Caro-Kann Advance, which happened to be the only major Caro line I wasn't familiar with despite it being arguably the most common and dangerous try for White (naturally I am all booked up now).