Bad but Surreal

NM blitzcopter
Jul 26, 2016, 7:31 PM |

Today, Roger Federer called off the rest of his 2016 season in order to recover from a knee surgery from earlier in the season. This means many things, none of them good. Federer, who spent 302 weeks as the world's #1 and is currently ranked #3, will likely end the season ranked #15. In the larger picture, Federer, turning 35 in 2 weeks, is an old man in tennis parlance. Us fans have been amazed at how he's been able to stay in shape for so long, but Federer being out for so long is unprecedented and life for a tennis player doesn't get any easier past 35. It's definitely a sign of the end times (at least for Federer as a player).

But wait, there's more!

I had my usual Tuesday night game, this time against Madhavan Narkeeran, an 11-year old rated 1800. Suffice to say for now:

Then Madhavan went up to write the result and nearly everyone else in the room turned around in disbelief. (We were the first to finish, barely an hour in. Yeah, it was bad. This is the first time I've left the club when it's light out.)

As I said, he whipped out those sacs scarily fast. Either my materialism is catching up to me, I actually need prep, he's a genius, or he prepped hard (probably at least 3).


So yeah, the day was pretty terrible. However, neither of these have really sunk in yet. The first probably will when I see Federer ranked an unthinkable #10. The second, maybe when the tournament finishes and ratings come out.