Monroeville April

NM blitzcopter
Apr 25, 2015, 8:30 PM |

It's actually called April Showers. Lo and behold, it was snowing this morning in Pittsburgh. Never mind that it's almost May.

The rating distribution in the 14-player Open section was incredibly strange, led by three experts and myself, with the other players ranging from 300 to 1500. Unfortunately, I botched my only chance against the experts in my second round game (the only one I'll post). With too many players catching one loss, the luck of the Swiss gave me only non-expert opponents for the rest of the day, which wasn't really worth the long trip; I don't remember spending more than ten minutes in Round 3, and almost got steamrolled out of the opening against my 1086-rated Round 4 opponent before coming to my senses.


I played my second game as White in a Closed Sicilian (maybe I should beef up on this since it appears no higher-rated player is ever going to give me a non-Sicilian) and seemed to maintain quite a bit of pressure throughout most of the game. Eventually, Franklin's queenside broke down in time trouble; with a clear extra pawn and five minutes to his ten seconds (originally G/45 d 5), I thought I would be able to complete a win, but I was entering time trouble too, and a few subsequent inaccuracies and a huge blunder (somewhere... couldn't notate it in time!) turned the game around (Recurring? I guess this is a topic to cover in another post). Despite this, I thoroughly enjoyed (most of) the game, and hopefully it will boost my confidence when playing the tougher experts (although I'd like to win for once).