2015-16 Pittsburgh Chess League, Round 3

NM blitzcopter
Nov 15, 2015, 9:17 PM |

This month we were paired against the top-seeded team in the division. We were outrated on every board and I lost on Board 2, but our first/third boards recovered from losing positions to level the score at 1.5/3, and fourth board won the decider.

Positionally, my game was very ugly (and not very fun to play), so I've also posted the games from the morning G/15 quad. I won my first game against my match opponent, but lost the other two despite very good positions (all the ratings are quick ratings).

I love a good non-French.

I don't have plans against 1. b3, so sometimes I just do the same thing.

Later I played Andrew in the league match. Playing against these Colle-type setups is not very fun and I missed some simple strategic ideas, but I held up decently for a while (though the positions were really ugly).