Time Trouble Redemption

NM blitzcopter
Jun 8, 2016, 10:06 AM |

Two half-point byes and a draw nearly put me out of the running for prizes in the current PCC Tuesdays tournament, but I can catch the leaders with another win. My win from last night set up a last round meeting with a master who is tied for 1st, in which a win gives me at least 2nd and anything else gives me nothing.

Nevertheless, my priority is to climb back up the ratings after my earlier draw and dismal Cherry Blossom Classic, and next week's game will reflect my change for this tournament (breaking even on a draw and gain/loss for win/loss respectively). I will definitely have to play much better than I have in the last few weeks. My game from last night was not the cleanest by any stretch of the imagination, but after a shaky opening and failing to consolidate after a blunder by my opponent, I redeemed myself in time trouble, outplaying my 1849-rated opponent in a tricky ending.