Unexpected win over a 2300

NM blitzcopter
Sep 18, 2016, 9:32 AM |

Let's just say the last 6-7 weeks haven't... exactly been the best (if you want more details, look me up on USCF). I had planned to take a break until the state championships at the end of October, but for reasons I will share later, I decided to go with the flow, which included yesterday's G/60 championship.

In the first round, I blundered with a minute left against NM Magar as the game was settling down. This did not leave me in the best mood for the next round, in which I was lucky to avoid positional havoc against an 1898 (by the way, and 8 year old who'd barely played tournaments for a year) when he blundered a pawn due to a weak back rank. Somehow, I ended up playing down again, but converted a comfortable Caro-Kann ending against a 1600 without too much trouble.

This set up a meeting with NM Eidemiller, who'd lost to another 2300 the round before. I must admit I was on edge the whole game even though it started from a pretty mellow Torre. On the board though, I did what I had to do, and he eventually pushed too hard with 19. f4?

The unexpected part is mainly from the circumstances; I never would have thought I would beat Mark, who's scored 90% against me as Black, in the midst of the worst stretch of my chess career. Much needed win and one that put me back at 2087. It's not 2157, but definitely heading in the right direction!

(I'll post more on this in about a week)