Analysing My Own Games (09/08/2015)

Analysing My Own Games (09/08/2015)


I'm starting this ongoing section as an attempt to analyse my own games.


I'll aim to not use a computer, to record what I was thinking at the time, find improvements and reference games.


This is the hardest part of chess study for me, as it's difficult to aim for self reflection



Blitz: 5 min + 5 secs


A game riddled with many one move tactical mistakes (missing Qxc1 due to Bishop being pinned, and Be6+ forking King and Knight)

Example of rushing in the endgame, not remaining calm during play 

Model Game of Opening


Lessons from this Model game
  • Observe Jones g4 idea
  • White's flexiblity of not castling
  • The possibility of exchanging off White's own dark squared Bishop with pressure on the d4 pawn
  • White's expansion on the Kingside pawn roller
  • The entombing of Black's dark square bishop
  • The vacating of the d4 square by thematic pawn advance (both for Knight and then Queen
  • Execution of the Kingside pawn storm