Analysing My Own Games (10/08/2015 Game 1)

Analysing My Own Games (10/08/2015 Game 1)

Aug 9, 2015, 7:26 PM |

This is my second game I have attempted to annotate and publish. 


I learnt much from the first analysis session, namely if I can remain calm in Blitz I can see more. 


I am weighing up whether it's worth even annotating/analysing one's blitz games, but one argument I have read is that there are a wealth of tactical errors in there


Additionally, by annotating after each game, this slows one down to not binge into endless blitz


I'll aim to not use a computer, to record what I was thinking at the time, find improvements and reference games.


This is the hardest part of chess study for me, as it's difficult to aim for self reflection


Time Limit: Blitz at 5 min with 5 sec increment


Lessons Learnt


  • Have to stop making one move threats without a plan. Even in a blitz game one can take that 20 seconds to regroup
  • Must train myself to always consider opponent's plans and not just my own ... missed his discovered attack with undefended Nc6 and missed his Bxh6


Reference Model Game