Analysing My Own Games (10/08/2015 Game 2)

Analysing My Own Games (10/08/2015 Game 2)

Aug 10, 2015, 7:02 AM |


This blog is part of a concerted effort by me to analyse my own game, without the use of a computer


This is the hardest part of chess study for me, as it's difficult to aim for self reflection


I managed to fit this blitz game in whilst sitting on a supermarket bench waiting for my wife to finish her shopping


A disappointing loss given I felt I built a very promising and solid position, only to miss my opponent's one move threat


How do I cure this Chess blindness? Do I read too much into a blitz game? I've been using the Blokh Combinational Motives where you solve for White and Black.


Another idea may be to use the Fritz training device to find all pieces that can be captured, give a check or are undefended 


 Time Limit: 10 minutes Blitz

Lessons Learnt
  • Failed to see my opponent's threat of Rxf5 exploiting a pin on my Queen, as I was too fixated with my own ideas
  • Would have been better to develop with Be3 and centralise the a1-Rook
  • Had a blindness with Nxf7 variation ... I think this stems from when my own piece is attacked, my first instict is to retreat
Questions to follow up (for myself)
  • Was it worth considering to play a4 at some stage?
  • When does White time his own d4?
  • Could I have handled the central pawn tension better?