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Analysing My Own Games: Converting an extra piece

Analysing My Own Games: Converting an extra piece

Oct 19, 2015, 6:17 AM 0

Round 7 of the finals of the 22nd Thematic Caro Kann has gone very well for me. With White I won after my opponent made a tactical blunder on move 14, allowing me to move to 5.0/7.0.


The game was instructive for me in how to convert an extra piece with the minimum of risk. It was necessary to consolidate my position first, then improve my weakest piece (Knight) before placing my opponent in a position where he either has to make a positional concession (control of a file/square) or exchange off another piece (growing the material advantage).


There was risk free endgame play where the threat of a passed pawn tied down his pieces, allowing the collection of material elsewhere.


Critical Moment: Black has just played 14. ... Rhe8


White to Play: How to best consolidate the position

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