Analysing My Own Games: Flawless Play by My Opponent

Analysing My Own Games: Flawless Play by My Opponent

Feb 20, 2016, 1:59 AM |

Sometimes you have to take off your hat and admire your opponent's flawless play.

On the Black side of an Exchange variation of a King's Indian Defence, I was ground down with no counterplay with close to exemplerary play by White.

I learnt much from this loss, namely:

  • The d4 square is a key for the Black Knight, and Na6 is a path to e6 via c7 which would gain tempo on White's Bishop.
  • Prevention of invasion at d6 is critical for Black.
  • Ideal for Black to exchange off dark squared Bishop for any minor piece.
  • Kb1 by White was an excellent plan to bring the next Rook in the game.
Impressive is how White converted his advantage with active piece play, inducing weaknesses by Black. He provokes ... b6, a6, b5 and ultimately these fall.
Worth exploring for me are ... Na6 lines

Journey to e6


The b8 Knight intends to make a journey to the d4 square via e6. But the road to e6 I had chosen was b8-d7-c5-e6.

More logical was ... Na6 intending Nc7. This was I gain an important tempo on the light squared Bishop.

One to remember for next time!

Stopping the invasion at d6


In this position I thought the priority was to fight the light squared Bishop with 15. ... Be6.

This shows a lack of understanding of what's important in this posiiton. It's to stop the invasion of the Knight at d6, which later caused much grief.

Compulsory was 15. ... Bf8. I have now learnt that it is good to trade off this Bishop for any White minor piece.


Must Destroy the Knight at d6

It was critical here to play 17. ... Bf8 instead of 17. ... Bxd5. After this my position became worse and worse.


Optimal Rook Play


Here my opponent came up with an excellent play of 20. Kb1 with the idea of Rc1 and invasion of into Black's camp.

I learnt a lot from this loss, in how to strengthen a position little by little.


Game Annotations and Analysis


Model Game for Black in Exchange King's Indian by Jobava
Observe Jobava's activity he gets with the Bishop pair, the timely ... f5 and the imbalance he creates with trading the f-pawn f3.
See how powerful d4 becomes as an outpost, whilst d5 has no use for White.