Analysing My Own Games: Please put Rooks on the 7th

Analysing My Own Games: Please put Rooks on the 7th

Sep 6, 2015, 5:03 AM |

The process of analysing my own games (even blitz ones) has been rewarding so far.


It's made me be critical of my own mistakes, and resourceful in finding alternatives.


It's helped me be objective to find best plans for my opponent, such as in this game where he should have won had he seized the 7th rank.


Self analysis has also made me search for similar model opening games, and explore ending positions.


It has also made me stop binging blitz games after blitz games.


What more can you ask for?


Critical position from 10 minute Blitz Game where I was Black.



I miscalculated here, playing ... Nf6 and not counting that after exchanges at c8 I am down the exchange.

Instead ... Nb6 would have held things together.


Analysis Position 1: White to Move 


Here my opponent played f3, fearing ... Ne4 with an attack at f2.
However, I believe he missed the most important feature being controlling the 7th rank with his Rooks.
My Knight and Rook will never coordinate well and be able to match his speed.
1. Rc7 is crushing, with doubling on the 7th rank.

Analysis Position 2: White to Move
I have just played ... h6, from a practical point of view wanting to exchange as many pawns as I can to obtain a drawish position.
Here my opponent played gh, but again he missed the idea of doubling Rooks on the 7th Rank with 1. Rbb7 and Black is busted with his King trapped on the 8th rank.

Analysis Position 3: Black to Move
I obtained this extremely interesting mating net position. Here I thought I had nothing better than 1. ... Kg3.
Instead, had I noticed I have two threats of mate long the h-file and the advance of the g-pawn where White can not stop both.

Game Annotations and Analysis
Generally not a high quality game by both sides.
Black should be critical that he didn't play ... a6 to prevent Nb5, rather than the routine development of ... Rc8
The calculation mistake of ... Nf6 is one to improve on (even in Blitz)
It is instructive for White to appreciate the power of doubling Rooks on the 7th Rank ... he will be always faster than Black's rook and Knight.
An "amusing" endgame position with the possibilty of mating along the h-file and the advance of the g-pawn was missed by Black.