Analysing My Own Games: Seeking Endgame Truth

Analysing My Own Games: Seeking Endgame Truth

Sep 22, 2015, 5:25 AM |

This is the type of endgame I fear in the Caro Kann as Black. White's King centralised, and his Kingside pawns formed at e5-f4-g4-h5.


Following this are tactical threats of f5 or g5 to create a passed pawn.


My 6th round in the 22nd Thematic Caro Kann event ended in a drawn position, but my opponent lost as his account was removed (I can only speculate).


Whether I am playing a human or not, this game gave me excellent material to analyse as I think White could have placed Black under much more pressure with 33. f5


Hypothetical Position with Black to move after 33. f5



White's plan is to play f6 and win Black's h-pawn, thus creating an outside passed pawn.


In post moretom I have spent most of my analysis trying to find if Black can draw this position. I have two ideas ... either to play 33. .. exf5 and defend with my Bishop guarding h8 after he wins my h-pawn OR 33. ... f6 which I think leads to a forced loss due to a pawn ending where his King invades at f5.


Still much analysis for me to look at if Black can draw had White played 33. f5.


Instead 33. g5 leads to an instant draw as White can't create an entry point into Black's position.


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