Analysing My Own Games: Knightmare

Analysing My Own Games: Knightmare

Sep 4, 2015, 10:45 PM |

I managed to fit in a 10 minute blitz game before lunch, which gave me great material to study.

Namely, I reached a position on the black side of a Classical Caro Kann upon which I didn't know my plan.

I had also become too cute, not respecting my opponent's potential Knight forks.


First, some training questions which arose from the game.

Training Question: White to Move


I made a tactical error with 19. ... Bf6.

I have to be more tactically alert with Knights in such close proximity. 


Training Question: Black to Move


Game Annotations and Analysis

Theoretical position after 14. Ne5
This was the point at which my theory had run out. I have since found that Black scores 62.5% from this position.
I found on page 217 of Kasparov's Revolution in the 70s that 14. ... c5 is good.
I saw this at the board but feared the discovered attack of Bxh6. I had missed Qa5.
The idea of ... c5 is to strike the centre whilst White doesn't have full control of the d-file.

Model Game for Black in this Opening