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Analysing My Own Games: When Knights live on f5

Analysing My Own Games: When Knights live on f5

Nov 10, 2015, 4:52 AM 0
It has been a relatively long time between blog posts, as I have been visiting Australia, and more so I haven't completed any new games.
The finals of the 22nd Thematic Chess.com Tournament is progressing well, with a win with White taking me to 6.0/8.0.
In the following game, I think the biggest lesson for me is seeing the consequences of Black not seeking counterplay with an immediate 13. ... c5
More so, by allowing me to place my Knight on f5 (one often says this is worth a Rook), White's attack simply plays itself with threats at g7 and h6 when combined by the Queen along the g-file.

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Model Games: Adams-Leko, Linares 1999 1-0

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