Miniatures Teach Us What NOT To Do

Miniatures Teach Us What NOT To Do

Feb 26, 2016, 4:21 AM |

More than anything, minature games of Chess can teach us what to avoid.

Playing the White side of a Sicilian Sveshnikov, my opponent failed to play 8. ... b5 which is necessary to control c4.

Not wasting the chance, White reroutes his Knight to c4, allowing him to access e3 and ultimately d5.

It is fitting the final combination is crowned by a Knight at d5.

Control c4


In this theoretical position with Black to move, my opponent played 8. ... Be7.

Theory is 8. ... b5 with the key idea of not only threatening ... b4 but preventing Nc4.

After Nc4, the Knight can re-route to d5 via e3.

Queenside Strike


To complement White's stranglehold on d5, the Queenside strike of 14. a4 places great pressure on Black's pawns.

Black responded 14. ... Rg8?? which allows a tactic.

White to Play

My Game Annotations and Analysis