Avoiding The Hulk: Sense of Danger

Avoiding The Hulk: Sense of Danger

Apr 22, 2016, 9:53 PM |

That sense of discomfort. Life is going too easy for your opponent. This is the feeling I had on the Black side (of an opening I don't know how to label) of essentially a Pilsbury Attack. Entrenched on e5 is White's Knight supported by pawns at d4 and f4. Before delving further, let me share a model game I found in researching my game.

Model Game for White

I was particularly impressed with White's decision of 14. Bxg6 to preserve his Knight on e5, and then the retreat of Nf3 preparing Ng5 and the elimination of the defender at h7. This is difficult for Black to counter without making concessions.

Returning to my game, I have just played 12. ... Ng6

Strong similarities to the structure from the Lutsko-Zhigalko, Minsk 2002 game.

White has the opportunity to coordinate an attack on h7 via 13. Bxg6 followed by dxc5 opening the long dark diagonal and then playing Nf3 with Ng5 to follow.

Instead, my opponent played a rather lazy 13. 0-0 allowing 13. ... Bxe5 eliminating the dangerous Pilsbury Knight. 

Sense of Danger


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