Bishop Pair Archery

Bishop Pair Archery

Sep 29, 2016, 9:05 PM |

I like to describe the Bishop pair to students by using the analogy of a Bow and Archer. 

A Bishop pair in full flight has either both Bishops cutting across one side of the board (as per my game below) or in a cross fire.

I was very proud to obtain this diagrammed position where my Bishop pair (as Black) is working to the maximum.

The light squared Bishop prevents the White King from castling, whilst the dark squared Bishop pins White's Knight at d4.

Ultimately it is on weak light squares that I invade.




My Game Annotations and Analysis


My Favourite Bishop Pair example
I was very fond of this game, after I first saw it in "The Middlegame Book 1" by Euwe and Kramer. I've carried it close to the model game on the use of the Bishop pair, and painting the board Black.