Borrowing a Kasparov Novelty

Borrowing a Kasparov Novelty

Jan 17, 2016, 5:29 AM |

I got to meet Garry Kasparov at a book signing in December 2008 at the London Chess Shop. Whilst I like to tell people that I offered him a draw (which he agreed and we shook hands as per the photo), I left with a copy of "Revolution in the 70s".


Fast forward 8 years and I was to borrow a powerful novelty from Kasparov that was played against Smyslov in 1984 in their Semi Final match World Championship Match in Vilnius.


White to Move

Can you find Kasparov's novelty played against Smyslov 1984



Arising from a Queens Gambit Declind Chigorin Defence, Kasparov found a way to build a big pawn centre with the temporary pawn sacrifice 11. f4!! After 11. f4 ef 12. e4, it's apparent that White has build a large pawn centre coupled with a Bishop pair. He will follow up with Qf3.


This position is very instructive in how to play with a Bishop pair. I played this position as White, and the Bishop pair pressure was too much for my opponent. Whilst Kasparov's game ended in a draw, he missed creating a large advantage which is very instructive.


Seed Game: Kasparov-Smyslov, Vilnius 1984


How could Kasparov improve on ths game?
Bg5 opening the e-file would have placed Black under immense pressure.

My Game Annotations and Analysis
My opponent deviated from the seed game with 19. ... Ng6 which immediately drops a piece
An instructive game in playing with the Bishop pair and tactics to obtain a large pawn centre.