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Cheap Trick aka Bent Larsen

Cheap Trick aka Bent Larsen

Nov 18, 2016, 3:04 AM 0

In the vault of my memory was a quote by Bent Larsen along the lines that the Open Sicilian was a cheap trick for White. After all, he is allowing the exchange of a wing pawn (Black's c-pawn) for his central pawn (White's d-pawn).


In the present day I was analyzing a very tame draw I made on the White side of the Gruenfeld, digging around trying to find where I could improve.

White to Move

I didn't appreciate this was a critical position of the opening. Black has just played 11. ... Nc6 and on general principles I castled to exit my King from the central stage.
Effectively what I am allowing is the exchange of my central d-pawn for Black's wing b-pawn. The game continued 12. 0-0 Nxd4 13. Rxb7 and we enter very tame waters.
Instead, 12. d5 would keep the fight on, for White's central d-pawn is surely much more valuable than Black's b-pawn.

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