Combinations: When Everybody Comes To The Party

Combinations: When Everybody Comes To The Party

Aug 15, 2015, 7:19 PM |

Sometimes you come across a combination that really stops you in your tracks. This is one such example!


Blokh Combinational Motives: Diagram 726 Difficulty 10, White to Move


Can you Solve?


Impressive! Only in the cold light of day can I appreciate how and why this tactic works.
Why does this Tactic work? 

Superiority of Numbers
Simply White has 5 active pieces participating in the Kingside attack, whilst Black has just 2.
White's Dark squared bishop removed the guard of h7.
White's Queen and Knight coordinate to invade at h7.
The g5 Knight takes advantage that f7 is overloaded to defend bothe e6 and g6. This is the idea I missed. 
The e2 Knight swoops to f4 to threaten both e6 and g6. Note the flimsy pawn cover of Black.
The f1 Rook is used to open the f-file.
The c1 Rook invades the open file created by the sacrifice of the f-Rook.
The h-pawn is used to lure the Black King further down the board, after which the heavy White pieces coordinate to deliver check mate. 
True Team Work! 

As an aside, I had chosen 1. e5 de 2. Rc5 expecting the Queen to move. However, I missed Black can play 2. ... Bb5