Why does my opponent think he is worse?

Why does my opponent think he is worse?

Sep 12, 2015, 12:49 AM |
With the Singapore Grand Prix just a week away, it was fitting that my Round 2 game in the thematic Caro Kann tournament verged on an endgame race.
I was White in the following position when my opponent offered a draw.
One's first reaction when your opponent offers a draw should be "Why does my opponent think he's worse?"
If anything, I prefer Black due to his active King. He can induce g3 via ... Kg5, after which he plays ... f7-f5-f4 weakening White's h-pawn.

Draw offer made with White to move

Analysis I made leading to me accepting the draw offer

Game Annotations and Analysis

Opening Question to follow up
In this rare g6 setup, what is White's best plan?