Don't Put Ronaldo as Goalkeeper

Don't Put Ronaldo as Goalkeeper

Feb 26, 2016, 10:43 PM |

The biggest Chess realisation I've had in recent years is which pieces to assign to which duties. Which pieces should be attackers and which should be defenders?


It seem so simple, but in general, assign your weaker pieces to defensive duties. Leave your stronger pieces for attacking duties.


It's much like Soccer/Football. You don't want to have your Striker doing all the tackling and defensive work. He is there to score goals.


Don't put Ronaldo as goalkeeper.


In self analysing a game where I was on the Black side of an Alekhine's Defence, my opponent assigned his Queen to the defensive task of a pawn.

Who Should Defend the Pawn?


Black has just played 11. ... Nc4 attacking both the b2 pawn and e3 Bishop. 

Theory has 12. Bc1 or 12. Bf4 as the mainline move.

My opponent played 12. Qe2. This isn't the best use of his pieces, assigning his most powerful piece to the defensive role of a pawn.


Destruction of the French Closed Centre


The centre resembles a closed French, where Black has exchanged off his traditionally bad light squared Bishop.

Thematic here is the attack firstly at the head of the White pawn chain and then at the base.


Ronaldo as Goalkeeper


With Black threatening Nxb2, my opponent played 16. Qb2.

White's pieces are not coordinating well, for his Queen is assigned to such a defensive task.



White has just played 18. Rac1 which allows a tactic exploiting a fork at d4 and c1 by deflecting away the Queen from defensive duties.

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