Getting More Out of the Bayonet Attack

Getting More Out of the Bayonet Attack

Feb 27, 2016, 7:31 PM |

The Bayonet Attack of the King's Indian Defence has caused me much problems as Black. A good idea then to employ it for White in playing a thematic King's Indian Defence tourament.


I ran into difficulties in how to get any sort of edge having reached this position after Black played 20. ... Rf7.

Best Plan of Action?


Having reached this posiiton with 20. Rxe4, the most popular response has been 20. ... Rxe4.

Instead, my opponent played 20. ... Rf7 and I was out of book. How best to proceed as White?

I devised it as essential to prevent Black's Knight from reach d4. Hence 21. Bg4 to prepare Bxf5.

But is the Knight that dangerous on d4?

A model game to consider was Dundalek-Trcka 2003 1-0

White's pressure on the b-pawn and d6

Instructive is White's play in preventing any Kingside action before targetting the weak b-pawn and d-pawn.

I like the restraining of White's Rooks. Rather than seeking entry points, they place necessary restraint and pressure on Black.

Compared to my game, where I essentially exchanged off Rooks, this reduces any pressure on Black's position.

Furthermore, the Knight really had no impact from d4 (which is what I feared).

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