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If Elvis played Chess he'd sing ... "Return to Sender"

If Elvis played Chess he'd sing ... "Return to Sender"

Oct 2, 2016, 10:37 PM 8

What I love about 3 days/move correspondence Chess is one gets to try out openings they'd never had dared if time controls were live. One has the luxury to research similar positions, exploring ideas played before. I encountered the Catalan opening on the Black side for the very first time. I quickly found myself in a situation having to sacrifice a piece for 3 pawns, albeit I got central ones.


The greatest lesson I got out from my own post mortem analysis is the necessity for White to consider giving back the material to free his own game. I felt he prolonged Nxd3 stubbornly, and it was a lack of piece freedom which forced him to ultimately lash out.


It's a lesson I must take on board for myself. Don't be greedy and hold on to material at the expense of position. Things will only get worse. Follow Elvis and Return to Sender


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