Analysing My Own Games: Maintaining Tension and 9. ... Ne8 in Bayonet

Analysing My Own Games: Maintaining Tension and 9. ... Ne8 in Bayonet

Sep 24, 2015, 3:05 AM |

I'm gaining a great deal from annotating my losses, trying to search for improvements and then having a strong player (in this instance GM Bojkov) review my games to give me another perspective.

I had trouble understanding where I went wrong in this King's Indian Bayonet attack where I was Black and lost. Annotations below.


Improvements that GM Bojkov suggested are

Black to play: Exchange Sacrifice Ideas



GM Bojkov showed me Exchange sacrifice ideas of ... Rxf3 which I'll store in my arsenal for future encounters. 

Black to play: Maintaining the Tension to prevent c5

GM Bojkov pointed out to the this was the moment where I commited a strategic error.
I played 18 ... f4 with ideas of a pawn storm of ... g5-g4.
However, by releasing the tension, I allow White to strike first with his c5 break and I am not fast enough.
Instead, better I maintain the tension with 18. ... Nf6 which slows hiw c5, otherwise I can open the game if he plays that.

White to play: Deserved praise

I must give praise to my opponent for finding this move 24, which places Black under great heat. Kramnik played a similar move in such a position.

Exploring 9. ... Ne8 ideas in the Bayonet Attack
Model Games
Werle-Vallejo, Wijk aan Zee 2009
Worth noting here the use of ... Rf7 to give a strong point to c7 and the advancing Black Knights.
Thematic light square attack, with ... f3

Bunzmann-Nataf, Basse France 2007
The use of ... Rf7-h7 to open the h-file.
Black's over protection of the d6 point.

Hagen-Szabo, Budapest 2012
Attacking life for Black with the f3 hook.
The thematic ... Bh3 ideas with invasion of Queen following.

Anand-Nakamura, London 2011