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Just because there's a goal keeper doesn't mean you can't score

Just because there's a goal keeper doesn't mean you can't score

Jul 31, 2015, 7:23 AM 0
In my daily tactical training, I thought I had solved this exercise, only to find I missed White's defence.
See if you can solve the below
Blokh Combinational Motives: Diagram 579 Difficulty 10 Black to move
I had seen the idea of getting the Black Queen to h1 and thus chose 1. ... Qe4 seeing no defence after 2. Qxh6 Qh1+ and winning the Exchange
What did I miss?
I had a blindless in not seeing that White has Qd5 defending "through" my piece to cover the h1 square
Had I found the best move for my opponent, that would have lead me to find a move to stop this
For me, this must be the most difficult tactical theme. It feels very unnatural, and to be very fluent with this theme, one must inevitably be appreciative of the opponent's piece coordination
Had I notice 1. ... Qd5 that may have lead me to find 1. ... Bg5
This surely is a difficult move to find, causing interferrence to d5 as well as threatening ... d5 followed by ... Bd2. It also exploits the White Queen is overloaded protecting the invasion at h3
Why does this tactic work?
Weak light squares of White, with threatened invasion at h1 and h3
Bad piece coordination for White, with his White Queen scrambled offside and ultimately cutoff through interferrence
The advanced f2 pawn being Black's trump
The Black d-pawn threatening to advance to disrupt a defender of the d2 square
Lesson Learnt
Have to improve noticing skewer" defence eg. Qd5
Asking yourself how to prevent a defence (and remove the goalkeeper) can answer your tactical questions

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