King's Indian g3 system

King's Indian g3 system

Aug 8, 2015, 7:31 AM |

King's Indian against g3 systems


Traditionally this opening has given me much trouble, as I can't play in a Kingside attacking manner as Black.


This blog is aimed to be an ongoing piece of work for me to gather thematic training questions, material and model games on this system

Kavalek variation

Tabiya position

GM Eugene Perelshteyn's 1st video in the King's Indian g3 system covered the idea of White playing e4

Qa5 idea

An idea I have seen from GM Eugene Perelshteyn's excellent Opening videos


The Queen can potentially transfer to h5, after which Black can follow up with Bh3 and Ng4 in a similar fashion to a Grand Prix attack

Training Question after 8. Bd2

What is Black's best continuaiton?  

Training Question after 8. ... Qh5

Black has somewhat automatically played ... Qh5 after White's e4.
What is White's best move?

Training Question
How does Black develop pressure against d4?

Training Question
White has recaptured ... Bxf3 with Qxf3. How does Black unleash threats to d4 and the White Queenside?

Training Question
How does Black best clarify the centre?

Positional idea
White has exchanged central pawns after Black struck with ... e5
This creates an outpost at d4 for a Black Knight
White does not have a similar outpost at d5 due to the Black pawn at c6
Black will manouevre his Knight to d4 via Nb8-d7-f8-e6-d4 after clearining his f8 Rook

Training Question
How does Black start play on both sides of the board?

Training Question
White has just played d5. How does Black best handle the central pawn tensions?
Training Question
White has just played exd5. How does Black best prepared his Kingside expansion how that a pawn is no longer on e4

Training Question
An ideal outpost exists on the Queenside. Direct a piece towards it.

Training Question
White has just played g4, presenting Black with an outpost for his piece. Can you find it?

Training Question
How to activate the Black Knight and destroy White's advanced Kingside pawns

Training Question
Find the target Black should exploit

Model Game
FM Uesugi - GM Perelshteyn illustrating model game of ... Bg4, hitting with ... e5

GM Eugene Perelshteyn's 2nd video in the King's Indian g3 system covered the idea of White playing h3
The tabiya being
White has play 8. h3 to prevent Black from playing Bg4 (with pressure on d4)
Can you find how Black exerted pressure on c4?

Training Question
White has chosen to defend the c4 pawn with the Queen
On general principles, this is not advised (to assign such defensive duties to the strongest piece)
How does Black keep up the assault on c4?

Thematic response
White's thematic response in handling the pressure on c4 is the advance of d5

Training Questions
In playing d5, White vacated the d4 square for the Knight and thus uncovering a pin along the long diagonal
The position that follow requires specialist knowledge by both Black and White.
How does Black best continue?

Tabiya Position of the h3 line
White has won the exchange and given a pawn
As compensation, Black has:
  • Strong central pawns
  • Weakening of White's Kingside pawn cover
  • Removal of White's light squared bishop
  • Control of the b-file
  • Potential activity along the long dark diagonal

Example games in the h3 line
IM Wang - GM Perelshteyn with 16. Rd1
  • Impressive if Black's idea of Nb6 to exchange his a-pawn for White's b-pawn and thus make Black's c-pawn passed
  • Centralisation of Black's King to d6 to prepare the central advance e5 and d4
  • Securing the invasion at the 2nd rank and the thematic c3 exploiting a pin

Example games in the h3 line
GM Shabalov - GM Perelshteyn with 16. Bd2
  • The idea again of Nb6, willing to give up the e7 pawn so as to create a passed c-pawn
  • The wonderful idea of a5. Where strategy meets tactics