Kling, Horwitz 1851 Rook Endgame (Black to Move)

Kling, Horwitz 1851 Rook Endgame (Black to Move)

Dec 26, 2015, 2:57 AM |

It is truly astounding that this position dates back to 1851, composed by Kling and Horwitz. My first attempt to draw as Black against Shredder taught me a squezzing technique by White based on Black not having enough space (3 files).

Kling, Horwitz 1851

Black to Play and draw (Chess Informant Encyclopaedia of Chess Endings Rooks Position 93)

Ideas Behind the Drawing technique

  • Use the Black Rook to give horizontal checks should the White King move. Attempt to draw the White King out to the a-file and then mutually attack the White Rook on d8
  • Should the White Rook move, return the Black Rook behind the d-pawn since now it only has one defender
  • Should White give the chance for the Black King to get to the 8th rank, take it so as to set up a draw with King to the short side (and Black Rook behind the pawn)
  • Look for chances to drive the White King from the 6th rank to set up a draw via Philidor

Attempt 1 vs Shredder

I lost this attempt as I know appreciate it is futile to check from the side with less than 3 files

Attempt 2 vs Shredder

Here I recognise that my goal is keep watch over the pawn should White's Rook leave the defence of the pawn.

Then the Black King is to get in front of the pawn on the 8th rank with the Black Rook watching over the advance from behind.


Attempt 3 vs Shredder
Take the 8th Rank when you can

Attempt 4 vs Shredder
Mutual attack on the Rooks