My Favourite Fischer Game

My Favourite Fischer Game

Mar 12, 2016, 12:03 AM |

I entered a DVD giveaway contest for "Pawn Sacrifice". Conditions were that you had to describe your favourite Bobby Fischer game in 25 words or less.

The highlight game for me was Byrne-Fischer, Round 3 USA Championship 0-1

My prize winning entry was:

"Out of the Blue

A Knight on f2

Instead of the Rook

The Bishop he took

Bravado and Flair

Death on Light Squares"


Something Out of Nothing


Uncompromisingly aggressive play! In exchange for the isolated Queen pawn, Black obtains rampant piece play on the d3 square.


Out of the Blue, A Knight on f2


Famously, the Grandmaster commentators could not fathom why Fischer has sacrificed the Knight on f2, for after 18. ... Nxd1 White would stand better.

There were more surprises to come!


Instead of the Rook, the Bishop he took 

Suddenly it is revealed the point behind Nxf2. Instead of the Rook, Black exchanges the defender of light squares around the White King.

Death on Light Squares


Taken from the Chessbase extract: There is a story about this position: GM Rossolimo, commenting on this game for the spectators said: "I don't understand all this... Fischer has absolutely nothing for his piece". Sherwin, who was also there, found the position unclear, but could not understand it either. Everybody was waiting for the next move. When it was known that Byrne had resigned, Rossolimo was totally shocked, till Byrne came out of the tournament hall and explained to him the reason for his resignation. 


Fischer remarked it was a "bitter disappointment". He could not display the finish he had planned. 


Can you find the finish?

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