Octopus Knight

Octopus Knight


It has been a long time between decent victories. I loved playing this particular game due to the material imbalances and positional nature.


There is an old adage that a Knight on the 6th rank is often worth a Rook, and Black should have considered returning the Exchange via Rxd6.


As I play Chess more, I much prefer positional games and for 2017 will likely rework my opening play towards a positional nature.


On the White side of a Semi Slav, my opponent stumped me with a provocative  14. ... g5

White to Move

The point of 14. ... g5 is the undermining of the support of the Knight at e5. 15. fg didn't work due to Black capturing on e5 and playing Ng4.
Instead I found an idea of exploiting a pin on the f-file via 15. Nxf7! Bxf7 16. fg Bxh2+ 17. Kh1 Nh5
I still like my idea of 18. e5 here (whilst Fritz in post mortem is preferring Ne2 guarding g3). I just felt that I'd control d6 for my pieces. After 18. ... Ng3+ 19. Kxh2 Nxf1 20. Rf1
Extremely interesting position where I felt that outpost at d6 was adequate compensation for the material deficit. I had missed the possibility of g6 clearing the way for Bh6

Dream ending with Minor Piece vs Rook
This is a dream ending for White. Black's Rooks simply have no open files to operate and he can not get any activity. An exchange of Rooks at f6 will bring about a protected passed pawn. White's King will progress up the Kingside to support the pawn.

My Game Annotations and Analysis