Only Wide Enough for One

Only Wide Enough for One

Jun 11, 2016, 3:39 AM |

"You must take your opponent into a deep dark forest where 2+2=5, and the path leading out is only wide for one" - Mikhail Tal

I entered the jungle of variations where I found myself as White in the following position ...

An extremely tense position ... Black has two Queens, White is very close to queening himself. I've analysed this post mortem and simply found no way to White to escape the perpetual checks of Black. Of all things, it is Black's pawn on f7 which takes away the critical g6 square for the White King.


The game continued 37. Rxa1 Qb2+!! 38. Kf3 Qxa1 39. Rxh8 Qxg1 40. e8=Q Qd1+

White's King desparately wants to get to g7 where it can be sheltered by his pieces or even capture on f7. Unfortunately the Black Queen prevents the White's King escape to h6 via checks either on the h-file or c1-h6 diagonal.

No one gets out of here alive!

How to enter the Jungle

On move 21 I faced a difficult decision as to how to define the structure of the entire game.

Should White proceed with 21. Nd6+ (and if so, should he recapture with Rxd6 or exd6)

Should he instead retreat the Knight to a3 with an eye on c4, or retreat to c3 with an attempted blockade  of the c-pawns.

These unanswered questions are ones for me to ponder ...

Attack and Defence

Combining Attack and Defence is a difficult trait for me to acquire. Here I played 27. f5 with plans of mobilising my central pawns.

However, after 27. f5 c3! 28. bc a3 ideally I would like to play Kf2. Unfortunately this is not possible, due to Rxh2+

To that end, 27. h4 may have been more resourceful, taking away any possibilities of Rxh2+. Can White then use this h-pawn as a decoy to drive the Black Rook from the 8th rank?

My Game Annotations and Analysis