Out of Play

Out of Play

Sep 23, 2016, 4:23 AM |

Cheesy photo I know! But the greatest lesson I got from loss on the White side of a King's Indian is how to handle an out of play piece.


The White Rook on g3 is terribly out of play. I offered an exchange of Rooks with 32. Rd5 which isn't the best strategy to employ when a piece is out of play (thank you GM Bojkov). One must give priority to getting the piece back into play. Furthermore, as superfluous pieces are exchanged, it leaves the out of play piece even worse!

A lesson in Planning

I had difficulty out of the opening coming up with a plan against this pawn structure of a5-b6-c7-d6-e5.
I chose the idea of exchanging off dark squared Bishops with Bh6, which is rather vanilla.
Instead, GM Bojkov highlighted the necessary pressure White needs to come out with against c7. 
He can prepare this with Rab1, b3, a3 and then b4 after he plays his Knight to d5 (hitting c7 twice), forcing an exchange of Knight on d5 thus opening the c-file.

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