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Playing Chess Like a Robot

Playing Chess Like a Robot

Sep 13, 2016, 3:20 AM 0

Just about the number one Chess sin of mine is playing like a robot. That's much different from playing like a machine. You know what I'm talking about ... automatically occupying a file with a Rook, routinely developing your pieces, capturing towards the centre. I'm talking about blindly trusting the "principles" of Chess rather than looking at the specifics of the position.


I ran into such difficulties on the Black side of a King's Indian Petrosian System, where I "routinely" recaptured on f5 with a pawn. In principle, one wants to having big rolling pawns on the Black side of the King's Indian. I'm pretty sure I played this move without considering how White may change the pawn structure, and indeed after simply exchanges at f4, he completely immobilised my pawns, leaving me with a worse position.

How Should Black Recapture? 


The Betrayal of the Long Dark Diagonal
Very impressive was my opponent's 23. f4!! which completely destroys my centre and opens the Long Dark Diagonal to the Black King. After this Black is completely busted

My Game Annotations and Analysis


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