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Polgar Exercises 2016-11-13

Polgar Exercises 2016-11-13

Nov 12, 2016, 9:53 PM 0

Mistakes happen for a reason. Each day I have been working for half an hour through the Polgar exercise book, noting down which positions I get wrong. 


The following are my errors for the 12th November 2016. 

I have now reached Position 2141 after starting on the 13th September 2016.

Position 2133: Kuzovkov 1982

White to Mate in 2

I had chosen 1. Rf2 with the idea of Qf5, anticipating that d5 would be met by Qb1 mate. I had failed to see that e5 is no longer controlled by the Queen.
Lesson to learn from this is checking that escape squares are still covered by the piece that has moved.

Position 2139: Laaksonen 1946
White to Mate in 2
I had chosen Qb4 anticipating any N move from b7 would be met with Qc5 and any N move from f6 would be met with Qe4 mate.
I had failed to see that Nd6 interferes with the Rooks control of e6, and thus the King could escape.

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