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Protect Your King

Protect Your King

May 20, 2016, 3:05 AM 0

Chess Minatures generally have a number of common traits. 

In my game on the Black side of an Advanced Caro Kann, my opponent resigned after 11 moves due to the forced loss of the exchange.

I tried to gather what I could learn from this game, and annotating does give me time for reflection on what mistakes my opponent made.


Failing to castle must rank highly, as this allowed me to execute the fork on c2 taking advantage of his King still in the centre.

Unnecessary pawn move with 9. b3 would be another mistake, for this is a loss of time at the opportunity cost of development.

In saying that, it would be bad for Black to capture the b2 pawn, for he would lose time in retreating his Queen for a measely pawn.

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