"Chess Will Always Be The Master Of Us All"

"Chess Will Always Be The Master Of Us All"

Mar 25, 2016, 7:44 PM |

"You call me Grandmaster. I am not. I am not even master. Chess itself will always be the master of me, of Capablanca, and all of us." - Alekhine.

This is intend how I felt after having my game (https://www.chess.com/blog/blohmoremoney/djlkj) reviewed by GM Bojkov.

There are rich ideas for both sides.


The Eternal Question ... Which Pawn to Push?

I was vindicated in my assessment that it was critical for Black to decide which pawn to push.

Is it d5, e5 or c5?

Let us consider each in turn.

Advancing with ... d5


Advantageous to White as he can advance with e5 and play this idea of b3 (Michael Adams) to restrain with Na4 and c4 before turning attention to the Kingside.

Advancing with ... e5

The key idea is that Black must be able to meet f5 with ... d5 in favourable circumstances. My game showed me this was not ideal for Black.

Advancing with ... c5


Model game with the plan of ... c5 intending Bc6, Qd7 and d5


Activating the Rook


A fantastic idea, to generate immense piece activity for a pawn.

Prophylaxis to Induce Weakening

In the game I played 15. ... d5 and came across difficulties.
GM Bojkov highlighted the power of the prophylactic 15. ... h5 to slow g5. Should White play 15. h4, then by force it is shown that this is a weakness when h4 becomes over extended.
An invaluable lesson for me in the power of prophylaxis, for ... h6 is a move I want to make, and I can induce weakness.

Sense of Danger
My Intuition and sense of danger was right, in that there was no "human" way to prevent White from his plan of Rh3 to induce h6 and Bd2 preparing the sacrifice.
Of note is White's method of cooly and calmly sacrificing a piece to secure his king (with cxd3)

Ridiculous Computer Defence
"If you have to find such a deep defence, the something is truly very wrong" - GM Bojkov
The computer suggested this defence, which is virtually impossible for a human to forsee the idea of ... Bf3 so much later.

The Depths of Chess
The following was an amazing line proposed by GM Bojkov

Quality of the Passed Pawn

I reached this analysis posiiton when embarking on 33. ... Qf4 and the potential 34. Qxc5.
Having been hell bent on checkmate, I failed to consider that instead of hunting the King, I can then play 39. ... h5 placing great pressure on White.
This taught me that it really is the quality of the passed pawns in the endgame. White has a pawn majority on the Queenside, but it is far from getting going.