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Smyslov Endgame Virtuoso

Smyslov Endgame Virtuoso

Nov 12, 2016, 11:13 PM 0

In my Chess training session for the day, I undertook the time honoured technique of guessing the next move and cross checking against the game. 


I worked through Smyslov-Stahlberg from the Alekhine Moscow 1956 tournament taken from page 63 of the Endgame Virtuoso book by Smyslov. I have shown where my guesses differed from Smyslov.


I learnt greatly from the game where
  • I matched Smyslov's idea of 49. d4 to control the c5 square and thus stop Rc5
  • I poorly suggested Re5 which would have incarcerated my Rook
  • Smyslov's 61. Bd3 was far more flexible
  • I missed 64. Bd7+! which allows a better Rook ending with control of the c-file and removing the defenders of the pawns
  • I missed the transfer of the King via 68. Ke2 to head to the Kingside. This is an example where you don't want two pieces doing the same defensive role
  • I was very happy to also find 78. Kg3 heading to g5

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