Switching the Angle

Switching the Angle

Nov 26, 2016, 10:55 PM |

I played one of my better games for a while, on the White side of a Dutch Defence. I finally accepted (with some Chess maturity) that I wasn't going to bash through on the Kingside and switched appropriately my angle of attack.

Attack Wave 1:

I have everything prepared for f5, but if I push it now Black will replay ... g5 closing up my chances as well as obtaining a strong Knight on e5. Instead, I played 31. g5 which locks up Black's possibility of playing that move himself.

Attack Wave 2:
Recognising that Black has no counterplay, I adopt further prophylaxis by starting with 37. Kh2 to bring my King to g3 and leave open the possibility of Rooks on the h-file and h4

Attack Wave 3:
I accepted that there is no breakthrough on the Kingside, but note that Black's g7 Rook is very out of play. I can penetrate on the b-file that Black himself opened for me and thus play 39. Rb2 infiltrating.

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