Wrong Coloured Rook Pawn and the Urge to Always be Active

Wrong Coloured Rook Pawn and the Urge to Always be Active

Feb 22, 2017, 6:32 PM |

An interesting game in terms of material imbalance, defence and theoretical positions against an opponent I'm having a lot of trouble with.


After 24. Bf1 I'm actually not sure if I have any advantage despite being an Exchange up for a pawn. 


After 30. ... e5 I would say Black has the best of it, with his centralised Bishop causing more havoc than a Rook.


46. Ra2?? loses immediately. This comes back to a bad attitude in defence by me. I constantly feel the need to be active, but here it is more important to hold the blockade and maintain c2.


Critical Endgame Position

Black to Move

White is threatening to play Kg5 and liquidate pawns such that Black only has a wrong coloured Rook pawn.
Black must play 54. ... Be3! as this puts the White King to an awful decision. Either to move to g4 where he can't touch the 5th rank (and h4-h5 is met with g5)
Or he must go to f6 after which he is too far away from h1 despite getting the wrong coloured Rook pawn ending.
My opponent chose 54. ... Bg7 but this allows me to advance the h-pawn and exchange the g-pawn (and return my King to h1)

Game Annotations and Analysis