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Brigatine's Philosophy.

Brigatine's Philosophy.

Aug 28, 2016, 4:27 AM 26

Hello to all my friends on Chess.com. These are my thoughts of my own words and writings of my studies over the years of being here on chess.com. I would like to thank chess.com and all of my friends here on chess.com for helping me increase my knowledge and halping me with my studies.  Thank you all so very much Brigatine your friend always Randy E. Delgado.  ........................................Brigatines Blog: 

How can I learn if I believe only what I am told ? If I believe only what I am told how can I learn? What has political correctness done to me if I only believe what I am told? How does one leave the knowledge of what he is told to believe? How does one leave and embrace the knowledge he has been told to believe and embrace a new knowledge of what he has learned to be true other than what he has been told to believe by his rulers? How does those who rule with political correctness control the beliefs of others through what we have been told to believe is right even though the knowledge of those who rule with the beliefs created by them who are wrong? How does the new knowledge of what I have learned produce a greater action within myself for the commonwealth and the greater good establish within myself of my new knowledge and towards others?       Blog two. --- Life is the perception of one's beliefs. As the perceptions of one's beliefs changes over time a higher level of consciousness is needed. The state of perception increases as a higher level of living is perceived. Moving forward through time growing in our perception of consciousness increasing one's ability to perceived a higher dimension never experience before in one's life from our past    Blog Three.--- What is the meaning of life? The meaning of life is the perception of a person's beliefs. Blog Four.--- Intelligence knowledge logic reasoning scientific and historical studies of philosophy. The history of philosophers . The study of historical records of intelligent people recording the history of current events of their day and over the centuries of all the writings of historical events through history all of their writings through history shows all of us the truth about every subject we study. Take the time to study. If you ask yourself the right questions you can find the right answers. learning false beliefs of events that have never happened through history through the record books. When people start going down the path of their life how long will it take them to overcome all of the false teaching and lies they believe in? People have believed lies as truth because people have went with the status quo. Believing people that seem to be more intelligent than them about a subject at the time for they have received the new knowledge from them. During this time they may be living and growing in this knowledge and may be living a lie. When people start a movement of false teaching for their own agendas wanting a massive following of people to do their bidding over the years by getting people to live inside a lie created to give the people control of themselves by believing a lie which has become a worldwide epidemic of truth. What good is it for these people believing in this lie by performing all the decisions of the leaders with their actions? Written by me on 9.22.2016. --- Blog four written by me 10-10 -2016. So true I have study more about fresh water than any other subject. If our world leaders do not take the time to change the laws that need to be change right now we are all in big trouble. The leaders seem to let time go by without changing the laws that they need to change for they are blind to the facts and do not care about life it selfs and our future because the leaders just seem to have a mindset for business as usual who cares about our future children and all living species. Our corporations of the world need to wake up and educate themselves and change the laws that have been created for the lost of our planet's resources which are being used up so fast that life itself can not replenish as fast as we use up our resources worldwide. I believe the human race is worth saving. I believe with the right laws being changed and new ones being made we can overcome this tragic catastrophe which is all upon us. If they need my help which I have told them a lot of times over the years what needs to be done to fix our problems here on earth. Even though I have never got a reply from them which means to me they just do not care for what happens in the future to all life here on earth. May be they really want to reduce the human race down to the five hundred million people there new ten commandments the georgia guidestones why? Which these laws can correct the problems even though we can really save all of us if we take the right actions that really need to happen now if they sit back and do nothing and remain with their same mindset business as usel we all lose even them. --- Blog Five. Written by me on 10-15-2016. What can be done? Seems like our votes did not count four years ago nor the four years before that and so on and so on till 1913 and so on and so on till 1871. What can we say it is what it is. Are votes work before 1871 at least our votes work then and the democrats lost the fight back then to the corporation of the United States. Before 1871 we were The United States of America with a Declaration of independence and a constitution of the bill of rights. After 1871 all of that went by the way side and is null and void. This is just the way it is. And we the people say who cares. Even our own government has had one hundred and three years to take back control of the American currency like they had before 1913. Have they tried? Will they try? To take over the federal reserve and be in control of America currency once again. How does a bankrupt country let the federal reserve the corporation of the United States take over all of us and also control the rest of the countries worldwide? Who is to say may be they our not that intelligent enough or ever thought about this and figure this one out. All I can say is help as many people as you can be the best you can be and live your life to the fullest and help other people to have the very best life as possible. For me the best new testament words are But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law. And if you choose to live your life with these words active in your life and let these words grow in your life you are growing in wisdom and walking in love. Or you can decide to go down this road and choose these works to be your actions and live in the flesh which will bring these manifestations by your choices with your own foot steps walking in these actions in your life which are adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies,Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God. For these actions of your decisions of your life is a God given right to live your life the way you decide to live your own life the choice is yours alone. The one understanding I am seeing is when people have deicide to live either way Love verses Evil you have two groups of people living and fighting with each other and their way of life and living in these actions and what they have chosen for themselves which brings conflicts to both groups of people and all life living on our own planet earth. Like we are seeing now and have been experiencing for years. Written by me on 10-15-2016. ---- Blog Six.   Time to reset the mind of my life. Instead of giving someone a piece of my mind, give someone the peace of my mind. During the last four years of study college classes on Youtube and reading all kinds of web sites on many subjects and documented areas of study and during the last twenty years of my life. Knowledge and education has giving me so much peace and humility in my life. The actions of people and worldwide traumas no longer affect me the way tragic events affected me in my pass. For they unfold before my very eyes every day. I have learn to stay at peace within myself with having clarity of mind without letting current events and actions of others affect me in a emotional way.Even though these past events that have happened to me in my past which caused me to really overreact in my actions towards other people in my life. Because of my knowledge growing and maturing in my philosophy through knowledge I have learned. Life has given me a greater respect towards all life here on earth and how valuable life really is with the new knowledge that has increased within my mind and within my being. It has become easier to live in peace within humanity and myself. While the whole time my mind can stay at peace as I am learning how to grow and stay at peace within myself living with all of humanity. I also am learning how to stay at peace within myself when other people overreact within their different lifestyles and worldviews during disagreements and arguments they have. Whatever they believe is the best way to solve the problems they have. Knowing if both sides do not agree with each other no problems ever can be solved. With all the news reports on TV. and real life traumas going on worldwide with people and worldwide current events. I am finding out real quick the more knowledge you have the less people you can talk to with the level of knowledge you already possess. I am finding out each person has to put their level of knowledge away within themselves and on the shelf at times and just be themselves without using the knowledge they have when talking to friends and people . My calling in life is to prolong the life of all future generations of living species worldwide and having respect for life itself. Written by me on 10-22-2016. ---- Blog seven. --- I like to write and study. I rather stay home and write and study then do any thing else these days. I may never publish my books I write. I will write even though I may not write to much on face book or Chess.com any more. I have realized showing what I study on the world wide web may not be in my best interest. Or my friends interest either. We all wear different shoes and have different walks of life. I am learning how to talk with friends and people on the knowledge levels they have. Only people can decide to increase their own knowledge to higher levels of knowledge. It is all about what each person chooses to learn about. Knowing people only want to know what people have chosen for themselves to know with how much time they have to learn what they want to know. I can study twenty hours a day every day on many subjects and have three documentaries subjects going all at the same time and learn all of what I am learning about and never be bored I have study like this for four years now.              Blog eight. ---- The American people need to write a bill. The American people need to put a bill on a ballot for municipal elections and bring it up for a vote as soon as possible. This should be the bill the American People need to write. Restore The United States of America. Restore the Declaration of Independence Restore the Constitution and the bill of rights and start over fresh with our republic. Having common sense business people in our government for our country. The American people need to erase all the yes and no laws that have been created by these so call lawyers and bankers and corporations sense eighteen hundred and seventy one. For these people do not use common sense in writing these laws for all of us. These laws have been so cut and dry for us all for they are is either yes or no having no common sense logic, reasoning and thinking what the future outcome of these laws will have on future generations and world populations growing and changing the circumstance of these laws when they were created with no future compassion for the people when these laws were created. Laws have to be created with future generations in mind and business savvy with most of these laws that have been written. The people who created the in laws also have no regard for what changes these laws may create for future generations. These lawyers are not looking at it from a common sense point of view business of running our country. I truly believe the greatest enemy of the Corporation of the United States that has been created in eighteen hundred and seventy one is most of all these laws that have been created and written for the books of law. Laws without common sense logic and reasoning for future generations with no business and common sense for nature and any regard for nature and the future generations of all living species is what I believe is creating all of the problems humanity has been facing for years and even today. A call to write a bill to restore the United States of America bringing it back the way it was before eighteen hundred and seventy one and start over. Updated and fix just now written by me on 10-26-2016 ------- - Blog Nine.--- My beliefs will only let me be an American before 1871. I love the land I live on the new world. Regardless of what has been done in the past to take it over and occupy the land here in the new world. Which was the love of money in side people and the kingdoms of Kings and Queens and royal family bloodlines overseas. Even though it was wrong for the past five hundred years of overseas people and kingdoms to sail right in and take it from the people who have been living here for years before europeans showed up. The way of nature is the strong survive and the week die. The human race has taken these laws of nature to new levels because of the love of money conditional love useing sex drugs technology and the industrial revolution to rise above the laws of nature and override it to where we are all to day. We as a people have really created and increase the population of the human race by leaving the laws of nature behind therefore making and bringing about the reduction of resources and extinctions of living species and ecosystems . The human race has no choice now but to reverse back to living in balance with nature the way God created all of us to live. Our Founding Fathers of the United States of America never intended for the Declaration of Independence the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to become null and void after 1871. For the Founding Fathers always wanted the people of United States of America to live in balance with nature. For this is what the Declaration of Independence teaches us. In which these wonderful beautiful written documents which can one day secure our freedom of a sovereign nation and a sovereign people and for all of humanity. Having all of humanity living in the balance with nature and with each other. It will always be up to the people of the United States. We the people have to rise up and take our country back and the only way is by obeying the laws that already exist. Knowing we can not use Declaration of Independence the Constitution and the Bill of Rights for these documents today are null and void. We the people can only do this by our actions by conserving our uses for resources and to reduce are spending by spending our money wisely to ensure future generations of all living species can also have a right to life. For it is the people of humanity who have the power to save all remaining life here on our home planet earth by controlling our money and keeping worldwide corporations in check with check and balances making them to line up with the natural laws of nature and by how we the people use our currency. For this is the only way I see how we as a people can save future generations of all living species here on Earth. Written by me on 11-11- 2016. I love you all Randy known as Brigatine-66 ----  Blog Ten. ---  Why I do not believe in a flat earth. In a flat earth environment evil could not exist . Because God himself is the only one who can maintain this kind of environment. God is perfect there is no evil in him. So all of us living on a flat earth would  all be perfect living within God  himself  and there would be no evil within us. We would all be living in a perfect environment  therefore mankind could never stop living with the  laws of the  natural order of nature because God would maintain a perfect environment for all of us to live in.   Kind of like living in heaven or the garden of eden. On a flat earth evolution could not take place and  on a flat earth environment  life could not evolve either. ---- Blog Eleven.---- Hello everyone and good morning. I could not stop from studying this topic. I have look at at least 100 links last night I couldn't even sleep. I have waken backup to study again. I have looked at both sides of the fence. It is real, it is not real or it is a hoax.  I wrote this on facebook last night,  I can not get away from studying these subjects of why these words were used for this topic. Global Warming, Climate Change and Man Made Climate Change. To me because of these words being used in this manier with current definitions this has really cause a lot of people to become confused with their understanding of these subjects. There are two actions going in the same direction and one subject that has nothing to do with the other two. Which is why I believe people are confused. I believe the only way for people to no longer be confused is to change the definitions of these three subjects to where people can no longer be confused. What definitions should be used for these subjects so people will no longer be confused? I figure it out so here goes.          Global Warming.  Definition: The law of the natural order of nature,  Climate Change. Definition: The law of the natural order of nature,  Man Made Climate Change. Definition: The creation of man made pollution by using and decreasing resources of substances of living and nonliving materials for the enhancement of increasing economic growth and human populations.    Written by me on 11-19-2016 ---- Blog twelve.------  Self education is the only way to study. Study all points of view from every side of any or every subject from both true and false information and from all kinds of points of view. From all countries and cultures worldwide. Hearing and reading non fiction and fiction books of all kinds. Hearing the news from a worldwide perspective.This is when someone will be inlighten to be able to come to a real conclusion of what is the real truth of any subject someone is studying. Self education and knowledge is the only way to break free from all the false teaching of false truth out there. As your knowledge and IQ increases you perception on every view you have in the past changes and increases the philosophy of truth. Growing from glory to glory and living in a higher realm of understanding maturing in wisdom. As I have study over the years and just in the last five months my beliefs of the past and my perception have change so much that my circle of knowledge and philosophy has risen to a higher level of perception of a fuller circle of understanding of life as some old beliefs have changed with some beliefs being discarded as a false truth having a clearer picture of a fuller truth of worldviews for my life and my future. Written by me on 12-11-2016 ------ Blog Thirteen. ------   Who believes in global warming?  I  rewrote the definitions for all three. Global warming climate change Definition. The law of the natural order of nature. Both definitions are the same. Man Made Climate Change. Definition: The creation of man made pollution by using and decreasing resources of substances of living and nonliving materials for the enhancement of increasing economic growth and human populations. Man made climate change has nothing to do with are planet going into a ice age.               Global warming and climate change my Definition are. The law of the natural order of nature. Both definitions are the same.  For these two definitions do not connect with man made climate change.  For they are separate  to man made climate change.       Mankind man made climate change  is only changing our earths ecosystems and creating big problems for all life here on earth.    Mankind can put a lot of poison in our atmosphere and cause all of us to have cancer and die with all this Co2 and poisons in our atmosphere water and soil even though it  will not  have no effect on are planet going into a ice age our planet does this all by it self. This is why people are so confused. The two definitions  do not mix with the other definitions.  Written by me on 11-19-2016.  Blog Fourteen. Look at it from this perspective. Trying to save Humanity from Humanity. Saving mankind from mankind. Corporations are a living breathing  living deity forged and created  by humanity using resources to create wealth creating a deficit of reducing the resources of provisions of life for humanity and all living species.   The love of money is bringing a foundation with in humanity establishing a foundation of rebellion an greed which is establishing a root system of depletion and destruction of resources for all future generations.  Written by me on 3-7-2017.      *************************************************** Just think about what will happen if exxonmobil ceo Rex Tillerson becomes the secretary of state? Is it not bad enough most of all the corporations of the world our controlling all the governments and all worldwide populations.Now they have work their way into and will become a working part of world governments who will operate with the laws of the land. Corporations operating and controlling the laws of the water and the laws of the land. What a worldwide nightmare.  Written by me on 12-11-2016.    

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