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Copy Right Video's laws and links.

Copy Right Video's laws and links.

Nov 9, 2015, 12:29 AM 5

                                       Well every one just started learning about copy rights. End of my video's on You Tube. Sorry and it was fun to while it lasted.  Its not that any thing was going to happen to me with all the albums I have done. I have study all the facts that I could about this. It better to be safe then sorry. It would seem that if it is done with education in mind with respect to the creater of all the art work that was created by the creater. People all around who created these works of art for all of us to vue on there links and web sites. I can understand both sides of the story. You put some thing on the web it is far game to be honest. I think of my pinterest account. Talk about pictures there is more there then what I had here. How do you go around that? Every person has every ones art work from every one else on Pinterest.      



  Just not sure about this? I  need to study more about it. All my albums here on chess.com our for education use only. And I do not own any of the right's to all the pictures. As we all know the pictures where all found on the interenet.I never really thought about these copy right laws on the internet with pictures untill now. One thing is for sure I really like taking college classes for free on you tube. And found out real fast that you can not have every video of a college Professor class all on one of your play list . They will only let me have like one or two. I could finish a whole semester in a few days. For me some things they teach I do no need to know and some things I do. It depends on the topic?





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                                           IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The music, video and images remain copyright of their respective owners and are strictly used here on YouTube and Chess.com for educational reasons as well as for the artists' promotional purposes only!

Therefore, if you own copyright over any part of these materials and do not wish to see it here, please contact me directly and I will remove it as soon as possible!

Thanks, in advance, for your understanding!                                       



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