Today's Daily Puzzle 9/14/20: The Teleportation Queen

Today's Daily Puzzle 9/14/20: The Teleportation Queen


Good Morning Puzzlers!

In today's daily puzzle there's no denying black would love to teleport her queen to b2. Unfortunately, the rules of chess prohibit queens from jumping over multiple pieces so black will have to come up with a clever way to teleport her anyway. Perhaps a clearance tactic paired with a deflection tactic will do the trick? Let's take advantage of the fact that queens can skate across the board in no time!


The queen reached a very surprising square in no time! How did you do on the puzzle today? Comment below!


Saturday's Puzzle

Given Saturday is notorious for challenging puzzles as well I have posted the puzzle and solution below for your review. The trickiest move in my opinion was deciding which knight to check the king with first: the one you have or the one you can promote to?


Until next time!



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