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Crazy Inequalities: Who's Position Would you Prefer - Part 2

Crazy Inequalities: Who's Position Would you Prefer - Part 2

Apr 29, 2016, 5:14 PM 6

Hello there again!


For today’s blog post I want to showcase the game for you guys that I alluded to in part one of this series, “Crazy Inequalities: Who’s Position Would you Prefer?” The below position was the one I posted in part one if you have not read it.   

So who’s position would you prefer? The imbalances are so wild that it may be hard for you to decide as both sides sport nice perks. I will not go over them in depth as I did in part one, if you want to read those, just check out part one above!

The game was played last weekend when I took on “Scott” a chess master in the third round of a four round event. I had a half point lead over the other seven players in our section, but with this loss, I dropped a half point behind Scott, and won the last game to take home sole second. I want to focus on how to handle both positions, and show you where I went wrong, so that hopefully you will not make the same mistakes I did. To learn the absolute most from the game, go through the game, reading the analysis and looking at the sidelines! You will learn so much more than just skimming though the game, and maybe reading some of my comments.



So as you can tell, the position I showed you in part one and above was a very complex position, I had the Nxf2 sac, he had the stable position, and long term advantage.  When you had a dynamic advantage like I thought I had, you must play quick, which is why I played Bc3, stopping Bb2, and preparing to maneuver towards the attack. Nxf2 would have been right, but I played according to how you should. Scott’s position was stable, he just needed to weather the storm and get a nice central advantage with d5. However, what I think we both missed, is the fact my position was also more stable than we thought. It turned out, with missing Bxc5, the position was still ok, my a-pawns were an asset, and I need to focus on that, instead of panicking and playing with the crazy attack I did with h5-h4-Rc8.


Well, onto the next tournament! Best of luck in your games!


- Jonathan Rasberry


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